Those 3 people above is my best friends. We know each other at Perlis Matriculation college. We still keep in touch even we study in different university and different city. Let start from left which is me, Hazwani Nadiah or W. Second from the left is Nurul Ain. She study at Malaysia North University in Bachelor of ..... oh i'm forget what course she taking there but sure something about computer and software. Next, Siti Ameenah study at UITM Negeri Sembilan taking Bachelor of Mathematics Management. That course she really want it. Before this, she was taking for awhile Diploma of Computer Science then Bachelor of Computer science. The last person or form the right is Noor Habriyah. Sometimes , people always spell her name correctly.. now she study at University Malaysia Kelantan and taking Bachelor of .... forget about it to.. something like designer.. create alot of things.. and we always hear she sigh about a lot of design that she need to do.

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